Welcome to your "Savoir vivre" vacation apartment!
In the Kaiserstuhl hills, you'll experience "Savoir vivre", a high level of excellence and finesse. This is the reason we chose this name for our high-end vacation apartment: "Savoir vivre" – knowing how to live.

You'll be staying in one of a limited number of curated apartments in the Kaiserstuhl hills, in Kiechlinsbergen, one of the oldest and most scenic winegrowing villages along the Kaiserstuhl hills, which in turn enjoys one of the mildest climates in Germany. It is centrally located: Freiburg, Colmar, Strasbourg, Basel, the Black Forest, the Vosges Mountains and the Rhine are very close. Unlimited possibilities!

At the "Savoir vivre" apartment, you'll find everything, consistent with fine living in an apartment: tasteful furnishings featuring natural wood furniture, leather seating, oak parquet, a high-end, fully equipped kitchen and a spacious bathroom. Apart from the "Savoir vivre" apartment, there is only one other apartment at the residence, located in a quiet area with no through traffic, so you'll be enjoying undisturbed peace and quiet - perfect for savouring the fine style of living in the Kaiserstuhl hills!

Your vacation is an especially precious time, so take time to appreciate refined living. If you’re on a business trip instead of on vacation, after your successful business day, you'll have earned something special: "Savoir vivre"!

We'll have everything ready for you - We look forward to welcoming you!