When the French Sun King, Louis XIV, very accustomed to pomp, crossed the Vosges with his troops in 1681 and looked at the Rhine valley for the first time, he exclaimed enthusiastically: "Quel beau jardin"! And he was quite right! Alsace and the Kaiserstuhl hills are beautiful gardens, pampered by the sun and enjoying a mild climate.

The volcanic slopes of the Kaiserstuhl hills are the perfect terroir for winegrowing, and fruit varieties and vegetables flourish in abundance. Plump red cherries, juicy plums, crisp apples, aromatic pears, berries and nuts, freshly harvested asparagus and special potato varieties will delight the gourmet's taste buds. The regional markets, especially the daily market at Freiburg Cathedral and the market in the venerable and lovingly renovated market hall in Colmar will tempt you to turn this wonderful produce into delicious delicacies in the fully equipped "Savoir vivre" apartment kitchen. Sitting at the gorgeous dining table, with a view over the vineyards, you'll enjoy a delicious meal!

But on those days you take off your accomplished cook hat, the fine dining options are impressive: Whether superior Baden cuisine in Kiechlinsbergen (Dutters Stube, within walking distance), award-winning cuisine in Oberbergen (Schwarzer Adler) and in Endingen (Merkles Rebstock) inn or open-door winery - in this magnificent region there is something to suit every connoisseur.

Full-range wine tasting at the Kiechlinsbergen Winegrowers' Cooperative will help quench your thirst and palate. Here, in one of the oldest and most beautiful wine-growing villages in the Kaiserstuhl hills, vines have been cultivated for over 1000 years. One of the best vineyard locations in the Kaiserstuhl hills, Kiechlinsberger Ölberg, featuring uncontaminated southern slopes bathed in intense sunlight. Expressive Pinot Gris, full-bodied, fiery Pinot Noir and fragrant, extract-rich Gewurztraminer flourish here. For you: If you're a wine lover, you'll find a fine wine to suit your taste. The "Savoir vivre" apartment features a fine selection of glasses, including champagne flutes and Burgundy goblets; you will have what you need to enjoy it all.

Are you interested in special wine events? For example, visits to winemakers around the Kaiserstuhl or a gourmet lunch at selected top vineyards? Then you're in the right place at "Haag Weinkultur" in Endingen.

"Savoir vivre" awaits you in abundance in the wonderful Kaiserstuhl garden, in Alsace, the Black Forest and the Vosges Mountains. Treat yourself to an enjoyable time and pamper your senses: You can see, taste and smell the Kaiserstuhl hills – they’re waiting for you to come and discover them for yourself, treating yourself to a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life: at the "Savoir vivre" apartment in Kiechlinsbergen, of course!